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Celebrating Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month with the Emerging Markets Team


Paige M.

Employer Brand Program Manager


Today marks the start of Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month! As part of our celebrations, we are highlighting the work of our Emerging Markets team.

The Emerging Markets team serves customers in their preferred languages of Spanish or Mandarin. By providing end-to-end support to customers in their preferred language, the Emerging Markets team is breaking down the language barrier and helping our customers reach their goals. 

"I wanted to join the Emerging Markets team because of how near and dear this community is to my heart,” shared Drea O., Onboarding Manager. “I am first generation, and growing up, my parents owned a restaurant and food trucks with limited resources. I have always been inspired by my parents. The Emerging Markets team helps individuals live out their dreams, while providing them with resources and support in their own language. We are helping them thrive!"



“I decided to join the Emerging Markets to highlight the importance of equity when it comes to assisting those who face challenges related to language barriers,” added Allyson B.R., Onboarding Consultant. “My work has highlighted the need and importance of recognizing that not all customers are the same, and that providing the right resources in one's own language is true customer care.”



Gaby Y., Account Executive, reflected on how her background in hospitality set her up for success on the Emerging Markets team.


“Although I've been working in hospitality all my career, I've never worked solely for the Latinx community, empowering them to do more. Mixing my Colombian heritage with the restaurant community, and empowering Latinx restaurateurs to succeed in an already difficult industry, is the most important part of my job.”


The work of our Emerging Markets team brings our “embrace a hospitality mindset” value to life by truly focusing on the customers needs, and allowing them to thrive through challenges.

"We are changing people's lives by providing them our knowledge and expertise with empathy, leading with humility, and showing our core values," shared Jennifer P.R., Bilingual Onboarding Consultant.

“Customers are relieved that Toast offers a sales process and support in their native language,” according to Juan B., Senior Account Executive. “This leads to a genuine relationship. It's a great opportunity to teach the community about new technology and trends in the industry.”



Through speaking with members of the Emerging Markets team, it is clear that this team is driven by heart. When you work with this group, whether that be as a Toaster or a customer, you will be warmly welcomed into a community filled with support, compassion, and respect. This deep connection brings Toasters and our customers together as trusted partners.

"I have so many wonderful memories of working with our customers. My favorite was working with a small taco place that was still using pen and paper," Jennifer P.R. reflected.


"The customer was not tech savvy and had a lot of issues with computers. During our kick-off call, I showed him our equipment, explained the process, and made it as seamless as possible for him," Jennifer P.R. remembered. "On the day of the installation, he brought in his daughter- she was about nine years old. It reminded me of when my parents used to take me to their work, and I had to translate for them. While opening the boxes and seeing the user-friendly equipment, I could tell he was more relaxed. We got their equipment installed in less than an hour! His daughter even helped him activate the terminal, and when he saw the menu on there, he was so happy; his eyes lit up, and he showed it off to his daughter. I will never forget what he said: 'This is going to make my life easier and get my business to grow; this is amazing - thank you.' Being able to help, talk to him in our language, and guide him through the process was a great reward for this job. It reminded me of why I chose to be in the Emerging Markets and why I want to ensure our Hispanic/Latinx community gets the best experience, help, and success possible."

“One of my newest customers that ran a food truck asked me to drop by; thinking it was an issue with the system, I did - but she and her husband had invited me to their family lunch at the food truck to thank me for assisting in the process. The Hispanic/Latinx community is always so welcoming and it's rewarding to know that Toast impacted the entire family,” Gaby shared. 



“If you join us, you will be joining a familia at Toast,” said Jimmy F., Onboarding Consultant. 


“In the Hispanic and Latinx cultures, familia has a super tight knit dynamic, and that is what you will get at Toast with Emerging Markets.”

Jimmy is also a member of Mi Gente, the Toast Community for Latinx and Hispanic Toasters. In addition to the connections he has made with his Emerging Market teammates, he is also able to express his culture within this group. 

“When you join Mi Gente, you’re able to have fun and be yourself. You can express your culture and share with other Toasters- whether that be values, music, language, or things that are going on in the world,” Jimmy reflected. 


We love seeing the innovative ways Toasters help customers thrive, and we are so grateful for the passion and energy that is driving the Emerging Markets team forward. We hope you all will join us in celebrating this team not only during Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage month, but throughout the entire year. 



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