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From Woburn to Nashville- Toast is on a roll!


Paige M. 

Employer Brand Program Manager


Opportunities to learn and grow come to life in many different forms at Toast. We love giving Toasters the chance to innovate on projects, build up their skill sets, and tackle new challenges.  Recently, a group of Toasters had the unique opportunity to thrive by bringing the toastiness they’ve grown to love into a brand new space. 

Hear more about these Toasters who made the move from our Woburn Configuration Center in Massachusetts down to our newest configuration center in Nashville, Tennessee, and how this opportunity is shaping their Toast experience.



Change can be challenging, especially when you’re building something completely new, but our “Always Be Hungry” value helps motivate Toasters to continuously look for moments to grow. Joshua B., Product Manager, was born and raised in Massachusetts, so he was excited to embark on this new adventure. 

“When I heard that Toast was opening a new configuration center down in Nashville, it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down,” Joshua B shared. “I was at a point in my life where I wanted to change up what I was doing- to have a fresh start. I saw this journey as the perfect moment to be able to stretch my wings and create new memories, in not just a different city, but a whole other region!”

Aside from the excitement of exploring a new part of the country, this move would also provide unparalleled career opportunities to these Toasters to lead a major project and help build a solid foundation for future employees.

“I love to learn new things and challenge myself to go beyond,” Nisha K, Shipping Lead, said. “This new Configuration Center in Nashville is implementing a new warehouse management system, so I’m excited to learn it and be part of the process.”


Toast is dedicated to providing employees with the support and resources they need, so that everyone is set up to succeed. While this is always a priority, it becomes extra important when we’re presenting Toasters with new and exciting opportunities, such as this one.

“This move has helped me to be more vocal and recognize my potential,” Nisha said. “Toast has supported me in my professional growth since the day I started.” 

“This journey allows me to spread Toast’s culture, while simultaneously growing my own career,” Filander agreed. “Toast has made sure I am confident and have all the resources I need available to me to be successful.”

“Toast has always supported me in my goals, and they have truly made me feel valued,” Joshua added. “They made sure I was prepared for the move, they helped with it, and they have continued to make sure that I am doing well down here.”


Although the team is excited to foster a unique culture in Nashville, there are many aspects they’re hoping to bring with them from Woburn.

“When I think about transitioning from Woburn to Nashville, I want to make sure we keep that hospitality feeling. From the first day I started, it felt as though I had been there since the start,” said Filander L., Inventory Receiving Specialist.

Joshua added a similar perspective. “The community and culture of not just Woburn, but Toast as a whole, is truly unique. I always like to say that we have a work hard, play hard mentality. Our configuration centers are very different from your typical warehouse. The employee experience is held highly here at Toast. We come into work, we make a game plan for the day, and we execute said game plan to the fullest. While we are kicking butt throughout the day, we may take a 15 minute break to challenge each other in an intense game of ping pong! We have a respectful environment that brings in people from all walks of life, and we aim to make everyone feel welcome here!”

Congratulations, Nisha, Joshua, and Filander on this exciting next step in your Toast journey! We are grateful for your commitment to our mission, and excited to see the great things you accomplish!

Does this sound like a place where you could thrive? Check out our open positions!


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