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We are celebrating Care Appreciation Week here at Toast! Our Care team is the driving force behind our “embrace a hospitality mindset” value. They constantly prioritize our customers’ wellbeing, and their work empowers customers to live their dreams. Thank you, Care team, for all of the incredible work that you do! Read on to hear from Lexi H., Director, Customer Care.




When Toast acquired StratEx in 2019, Lexi knew she didn’t really know what was ahead of her, but she knew it was going to be an exciting challenge to walk through. Since then, her gratitude for the experience of an acquisition within her professional career continues to grow. She remembers feeling in awe of all of the resources Toast had to offer. 


Describe your role and team.

I help lead the Toast Payroll and Team Management Customer Care team, which means I get to work with some very talented people across the Employee Cloud, FinTech, and Core POS lines of business. In my current role, a lot of my focus is cross functional. I’m focused on helping ensure the payroll care agents and managers have what they need in order to best help support our customers.

Our team primarily supports the back office of restaurants. It’s our team’s job to help our customers learn how to use our system so they can work autonomously and confidently processing payroll and required state/federal employee paperwork. 

The best payroll care agents are those who discern, diffuse, and define what is causing a customer stress, and then align with them to help outline the necessary steps forward for a resolution. There are times where - given the nature of our business and working with State and Federal agencies - we may not be in control of the solution but the team members who can empathetically align with our customers on the next steps they need to take are the ones who are most successful long term. 

People don’t call into customer care lines when everything is working well so we really try to look for critical thinking, curiosity, and empathy when searching for new team members. 

It seems you've spent a lot of your career in customer care -- what motivates you to help this line of business grow and thrive, especially at Toast?

The easy and obvious answer to this is helping our customers learn our systems so they can focus on what motivates them and help their businesses thrive

Our care agents experience is reflective of our customer’s experience with our products and services. I’m motivated to help our care agents' excel within our systems so our customers in turn can have a better experience with Toast. 

For me personally, my motivation to stay in the customer care line of business really boils down to helping make the team more efficient over time, coupled with a desire to share my experience to help others grow their careers. 


Care is a phenomenal place to start a career. One of my favorite parts of this job is watching people come into the Care organization, get really good at what they do, and then bring those skills to other teams and areas of Toast.


I take my job as a coach, mentor, and manager very seriously, and nothing brings me more joy than getting that message from a former care agent expressing gratitude for the lessons learned and challenges they conquered as a member of Customer Care. 



Why should someone consider joining the Employee Cloud Payroll team?

One of the small gifts of being a part of the Employee Cloud (EC) Payroll team is I can now hold my own during family dinners with a bunch of accountants! All joking aside though, the Payroll Care team is a really great place to learn and grow in a corporate environment. You don’t need to be good at math or understand tax - all of that comes with the job! Joining the EC Payroll team is a great way to help have a direct impact on improving the experience of restaurant workers and helping the restaurant business and industry thrive as a whole. 


If you’re interested in growing your career in Customer Care, check out these opportunities!


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