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A Letter From Our Founders

Running a restaurant is tough. It takes guts and determination to be in this business. It takes a love of the rush, a commitment to the any-time shift, and a knack for making magic from the chaos of a dinner service.

This is where Toast comes in. We know how much goes into running a successful restaurant, but we also know how rewarding it is. Restaurants have a special place for all of us. It’s where we go to enjoy a meal that reminds us of home, where we celebrate major milestones, and where we find community in a new city. We started Toast to make restaurant work a little easier, so that restaurateurs can get back to doing what they love.

Back in 2011, we hoped to take our passion for small business and build a technology platform for an industry that wasn’t benefiting from the digital innovation other industries were experiencing. We set out to change this dynamic with the same unrelenting enthusiasm it takes to start a restaurant. Our vision was to build a highly scalable, end-to-end, cloud-based restaurant management platform that would improve the odds of success for the hard-working people who fuel this community.

Since the beginning, we’ve hired from restaurants. Many of our first employees were former servers, bartenders, kitchen staff, and even general managers. Approximately two-thirds of our employees have worked in restaurants, and because of this, we've developed deep empathy and understanding for our customers. The diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of our employees inform how we build solutions for restaurants.

A lot has changed in a few short years, yet a lot has stayed the same. Our mission and our dedication to our customers’ needs remains unchanged. Our passion for improving the consumer experience remains constant. Our focus on product and customer satisfaction remains the top priority as we continue to scale and help more restaurants nationwide.

Our goal is to become the platform of choice for restaurants all over the world. This is our story so far. If you’re ready to improve the restaurant experience, we’re excited for you to become a part of it.