Job Scams Fraudulent Recruitment Activity

Finding a job can often be challenging, especially when recruiters may not be who they claim to be. Scammers have been posing as recruiters to obtain personal information, equipment, money and even your bank details. Recruitment scams can be difficult to detect since most perpetrators use information from real companies and resumes they find online. If you think you've been scammed, look for these signs: 


  1. Offering you a job without a formal interview.

  2. The compensation is suspiciously high.

  3. The company requires payment from you.

  4. You have been contacted through a third-party application (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.)

  5. Communication appears unprofessional.

  6. Contact information from the recruiter is missing.

  7. Confidential information is requested before the official hire.

  8. Requests for you to purchase and reship equipment.


Reminder: Toast will never ask for any financial commitment or contribution from a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process and is not responsible for fraudulent offers or requests for personal information or payments. Candidates who have questions about the validity of Toast job postings or offers should consult the job postings on our careers.toasttab.com career site.


Here are some tips and next steps to take if you think you have been scammed:


  • Immediately cease all communication with anyone you suspect is trying to or has scammed you.
  • If you lost money, provided sensitive private information about yourself to someone who you believe is a scammer, or inadvertently participated in possible illegal activity, you may want to contact your local police or cyber crime division.
  • If you had a monetary loss, shared your bank account details, or believe you are in danger of identity theft, you may also want to report the scam to your bank or financial institution and update your login credentials.