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Tips from Toasters: Wellbeing for working parents


Bria F.

Content Writer, Employee Experience


We spoke with Toast Parents, who shared advice and lessons learned that they use to navigate parenting, especially while working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a parent, work closely with someone who is, have caretaking responsibilities, or are planning for parenthood, we encourage you to read through our tips from Toasters.

Alejandra D., Customer Care Specialist, Employee Cloud 

Crouton: Jayden, 7

Something that has really helped me, especially as I co-parent, is to find a routine that works for you and your crouton. To keep my son busy, we have a time slot for everything and he has a timer in his room that helps him know when it’s time for a new task. Also, look through all the benefits your employer offers. Toast has amazing benefits and one thing for sure that I have noticed is that they truly care about mental health. I took it for granted and that really could have come in handy at the beginning for sure. That and just have open communication with your lead. My team leads are all so patient.


Brandon K., Restaurant Success Manager II

Crouton: Sunshine, 9 mos.

Having come from the operations side of some of the busiest restaurants in the country, my work/life balance instantly became better when I joined Toast simply based on the overall work hours, but the continued support and encouragement from superiors to take PTO, take mental health days, and promote boundaries with your customers has been amazing.  Most importantly, seeing superiors lead by example and share their own out of work experiences while with their families has really promoted a family first atmosphere.


Ashley J., Tax Onboarding Specialist 1 

Croutons: Gabrian, 16; Keanu, 4; Kensington, 3

Spend time focusing on the things you can control instead of what you can’t. Feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. Just remember to take time for yourself (even if it’s taking a quick walk, a shower, or taking snacks and hiding from your kids while you enjoy them!)


Aryca P., Director of Talent Sourcing

Crouton: Westlyn, 15 mos

Starting a family after a ~20-year career was a big mindshift. I joined Toast shortly after welcoming our daughter and had to focus on two new jobs (new company, new mom). My approach has been to be transparent, vulnerable, share what’s working and where I need to invest more. I have been overwhelmingly surprised by not only supportive co-workers/communities, but the high engagement of teams genuinely interested in crouton milestones.


Arrie B., Customer Education Specialist

Croutons: Owen, 14, Mason 9
Appreciate the time because it passes quickly. I feel like my boys were just babies a year ago, but now they’re nine and 14. Now they're back in school full time and I miss my little co-workers. Every day when my boys get off the bus, I take time for them and they tell me about their day. I’ve planned my time off around my boys vacation, so I could spend time with them. I wasn't able to do that before but I’m able to do that now. Taking that moment and taking lots of pictures I think has been very important to me as well. Creating memories, even if it's not the ideal of what we wanted it to be.



  • Get familiar with your employer’s caregiver benefits
  • Be transparent with your manager or team
  • Create a schedule for you and your croutons  
  • Working with your manager to plan ahead for parental leave and returning to work
  • Take a walk/snack/silence break when needed
  • Enjoy time with your family
  • Take pictures
  • Be gracious with yourself
  • Share and seek support with your colleagues

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