Candidate Interview Prep

Virtual interview best practices 


  • Your interview will be conducted via Zoom (if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, check out this Tutorial Video)
  • Once you join the interview, please test your audio and ensure your camera is turned on 
  • We recommend choosing a neutral background in an environment with limited distractions if possible
  • It's best to avoid sitting with light shining behind you as this makes it difficult for the interviewer to see you 
  • Dress how you would for an onsite interview -- our environment is business casual with an emphasis on casual
  • Please have your phone nearby (should any connection issues occur, your interviewer will call you directly)


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Here are our top tips to help you get bready*


  1. Familiarize yourself with what we do by checking out our website, skimming our blog, listening to customer testimonials, exploring Glassdoor, & visiting our social channels. Use the icons at the bottom of the page to find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.
  2. Think about what you want in a new role and company culture. What environments do you work best in? What problems do you enjoy solving? How would you ideally work with your manager? Think about relevant projects and experiences that you can share. Concrete examples are key. 
  3. Most importantly - be yourself! We mean it. We’re interviewing you for a reason and want to get to know you!

You've got questions.

We've got answers! 

Head over to our FAQ page to view our most frequently asked questions. Can't find what you're looking for? Write your additional questions down! The Toast Recruiting Team is eager to support you through the entirety of your virtual interview journey. You’ll meet with a Candidate Experience Specialist and your Recruiter during the process, and both would be happy to cover anything we’ve missed!

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