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Blending Cultures: Celebrating Global Representation across Our Ireland Team

Paige M.

Senior Program Manager, Employer Brand 

If you’re familiar with Toast’s Culture Recipe, you know how much we value diversity and inclusion. We embrace the unique backgrounds and experiences Toasters bring to the team. The restaurant industry as a whole is one of the most diverse, and we aim to mirror that diversity within our own company. At Toast, we truly believe our business is better as a result of this rich blend of cultures. 

Across our Ireland team, we have over 30 countries of origin represented! We caught up with a few folks who relocated to Ireland to learn more about how these unique backgrounds all mix together to create a great place to work and thrive.




Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you originally from, and what do you do at Toast?


Pedro B.: I’m originally from Brazil, and I’m currently a Senior Product Manager at Toast.

Jenny M.: I’m a Senior R&D Enablement Program Manager. I’m originally from the United States, but I’ve been in Ireland for five years now!

Prakash D.: I am a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Toast, and I’m from India. 

Maja B.: Prior to moving to Ireland, I lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m a Senior Technical Talent Acquisition Partner. 


Why did you relocate to Ireland?


Pedro B.: In a very short way: to work at Toast. But there are many reasons why I accepted the offer and made the move: new life experiences, getting out of my comfort zone, solidifying my career, and learning new things- like which side you drive in the car! 

Jenny M.: I relocated with a previous company to help grow a team in Dublin, with the intention of staying for a year, but now it's been five years! In that time, I bought a house, married an Irishman, got a dog, took time off after my last job, found a great new job at Toast, and built an amazing community here. I'm planning to be in Ireland for good!



Prakash D.: I relocated to Ireland in search of a peaceful lifestyle. 

Maja B.: Good question! Ireland sounded like a cool idea at the time, and now, six years later, it’s home. 

Are there any cultural traditions you've been able to share with the team in Ireland? 

Jenny M.: I'm originally from Texas, USA, and I have done a full spread of Texas barbeque for my teammates before. I also was able to celebrate the 4th of July with a couple fellow Toasters at the US Ambassador's Residence this past year. 

Prakash D.: Whenever there is a cultural celebration in India, I make my team aware of it and explain the background of it. I also participate in other cultural events in the office.

Pedro B.: The senior leadership team came to Dublin for a week. On the last day, I had the chance to make some traditional Brazilian refreshments for one of the VPs of Toast. That is something really unlikely to happen, even if I was in Brazil! 


How do you think our diverse workforce helps us move our business forward?

Maja B.: Diverse workforces bring diverse perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. As someone who is recruiting candidates relocating to Ireland, it's easier to empathise with them and understand their concerns, especially as a non-native English speaker. 

Prakash D.: Having a team of employees from different backgrounds makes Toast more comfortable with a wider range of customers and markets. Another benefit is that many of us are bilingual and can communicate with business owners in their native languages.


Pedro B.: When you’re in a diverse environment, you’re exposed to different ways to develop, enhance, and create. This will help in Toast’s global growth.

Jenny M.: In our Dublin office, we think globally by default, and it makes us more understanding, responsive, and more creative in the way we work with customers. We're used to considering perspectives and life experiences different from our own, which helps us better tap into the wants and needs of our customer base. 


If you’re ready to join a team filled with inclusive, passionate people, check out the open roles in Ireland!



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