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At Toast, we often think of career paths as jungle gyms, rather than ladders. When we say that, we mean that we love seeing Toasters explore all of the different options for them- whether that means growing your responsibilities on your team, becoming a manager, or switching over to a completely different path.


Megan T., Houston Senior Territory Account Executive, is a great example of this. In 2017, Megan joined Toast as a Sales Sourcer. She spent her days searching for top talent to join our team, and helped future Toasters see how they could grow their sales careers with us. In 2019, she was promoted to a Sales Recruiter. Then in 2021, Megan completely pivoted her career path by joining the team she had been recruiting for! Not only has Megan hit the ground running in her new role, but she was also recently honored as a Toasty Award winner - a peer-nominated, company-wide award that celebrates the most impactful Toasters across the business. Learn more about what drove Megan to make this major change, and how Toast has set her up for success in her new role




What initially interested you in changing your career from recruiting to sales?  

This opportunity in sales is unparalleled in terms of career growth, financial upside, and professional development. I enjoyed sharing my passion for the role with excited candidates for four years while working in Talent Acquisition, but came to realize that it was time for me to pursue it myself!  It’s something I was always attracted to, but I loved recruiting too much to make the jump. Finally, I realized that if I was thinking about getting into sales for that long, and it hasn’t changed, it was time for me to go after my dream!


What was the conversation like with your manager when you started discussing the opportunity?

My manager was extremely supportive and also not surprised, as she knew the sales-like parts of my recruiting job were my absolute favorite. She encouraged me to start shadowing members of the sales team and having conversations with them to learn more. Both of us agreed it was a great next step for me, and she was a great sounding board and friend as I transitioned into this new chapter!


What was most exciting about joining the sales team?  

Where do I start!  In sales, your hard work and your efforts directly translate to your success, your paycheck, and your career growth. I’m excited about being in a numbers-driven environment where everyone is stretching themselves to be the best they can possibly be. I’ve been in the role for less than two years, and I can already see all the ways I’ve grown personally and professionally!  I’m excited to become an even more valuable player in my career as I learn to perfect the art of sales from the very best mentors and coaches. Sales can be a roller coaster so I know it will have its ups and downs, but I’m excited to grow!

What does your day-to-day look like now?

I'm working with small to medium sized businesses and restaurants that have 1 to 15 locations. I work with them to bring them the best restaurant technology. We’re able to streamline their operations and make things a lot more efficient through the use of our platform

I get to work with real mom and pop business owners, which is a really cool aspect of my job. Many of my customers have come to this country to follow a dream and open a business, and they've been able to do that successfully and expand to multiple locations.

Outside of work, I love to work out, even when it's hard to put the sneakers on and drag myself there! I have my two cats that I love, my boys Zeus and Thebes. They're so cute. They're Devon Rex cats, and they look like sphinxes. I love singing and I'd like to spend a bit more time doing musical things. Sometimes I even get to perform at Toast’s open mic nights!


You recently won a Toasty Award! Tell us more about that.

I cried when I found out I won! I was sitting in my car waiting for my cat’s vet appointment to wrap up when I heard the news. I’ve been at Toast for a long time, and I’ve always admired the people who won Toasty Awards. 


When you won, you were highlighted for your customer advocacy and resourcefulness. What motivates you?

I want to make sure the trust I've built with people who trust Toast to be the foundation of their business stays intact. I want restaurants to know I truly care, and that I am committed to their success beyond getting them to sign up with us. Because after they've gone live, it’s important to me that they continue to have a good experience. 

It’s not just a transaction. It’s a real relationship, and I'm representative of Toast. The Toast values are really important to me, and I try to embody them through my work everyday. I strive to embrace a hospitality mindset whenever I interact with restaurateurs. 


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